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Welcome to Rörelse för djurrätt in English!

Hello and welcome to Rörelse för djurrätt – for the first time in English!
My name is Christoffer and I’m the main blogger on Rörelse för djurrätt. Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about this blog.

Rörelse för djurrätt has been alive since January 2010. This is a blog about and for animal rights and issues thereabout. A simple translation of the name Rörelse för djurrätt is Movement for Animal Rights.

The posts are usually in Swedish but this time and hereafter more often in English.

The Ghosts In Our Machine poster - Rörelse för djurrätt
The Ghosts In Our Machine poster.
The last years I’ve had a bit of a focus on animal rights documentaries for example Unity, Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home, The Witness, Earthlings, The Ghosts In Our Machine and so on. I have also written about other things and other movies – such as the series about the Planet of the Apes.
When it comes to fictional movies (like Planet of the Apes) one can interpret them by watching them with an inner animal rights lens, shifting the perspective from a human centered view to a view where the animals are central and starting to identify with “The Others” – in this case the animals of other species.

Rörelse för djurrätt's movie guide

If you’re interested in movies then you can find lots of interesting animal rights documentaries in Rörelse för djurrätt’s movie guide. The info about them is mostly in Swedish but the trailers are most often in English. Have a look! :) All the posts about movies are found under “Om filmer” in the menu. Hopefully you can find one or two movies new to you there.
Tom Regan - Defending Animal Rights - Rörelse för djurrätt
Tom Regan's Defending Animal Rights is one
of the books you can find among the animal
rights literature.

Book list & vegan recipes

You can also find a list with animal rights literature, both with titles in Swedish and in English. Among other blog posts you can find vegan recipes, photo exposures and more.

Do come back to Rörelse för djurrätt. One way to remember it is to bookmark the page! You can like the blog on Facebook and I'd like if you comment if you have something to add, or a question or two :)

That’s all for this post. Have a great day wherever you are!

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