onsdag 14 januari 2015

Live and Let Live: a documentary about veganism

Yesterday I watched the documentary Live and Let Live after receiving it in the mail the same day.

It feels good to watch a movie about animal rights and veganism that doesn’t show several unpleasant scenes with violence. Even though documentaries like Earthlings influence a lot of people with its focus on atrocities and violence I believe people don’t want to watch scenes like that too much.

No violence
This is one of the many reasons why I like the documentary Live and Let Live since it doesn’t have any violent parts. The only part that comes close to animal suffering is when a liberation of six hens is shown. The liberation process is handled in a peaceful way by activists from Animal Equality and no one is harmed. Of course it’s a pity they couldn’t liberate all of them.

Live and Let Live is produced, written and directed by Marc Pierschel. The movie is bilingual (in German and English) and is subtitled in 12-13 languages. The movie started to be screened in late 2013 and was released on DVD in 2014.

Bonus material
I’m very pleased with the bonus material on the DVD. Several familiar persons like Melanie Joy, Tom Regan, and Peter Singer are being interviewed. There are also some trailers among the bonus material. I also like the Two Years Later special, a part I think the filmmakers could have included to the main story, I wouldn’t mind if Live and Let Live was ten minutes longer.

Live And Let Live Trailer 

The movie itself is peaceful and calm, made with interesting interviews as the main ingredient.

Finally, I think this is a movie that could be suitable for almost all ages the only obstacle is that the film isn’t dubbed and subtitled to all languages. I recommend Live and Let Live and I hope Marc Pierschel will keep making movies about important issues just like veganism!

That’s all for now, have a great day wherever you are!

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