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Movie focus: Tribe of Heart

Tribe of Heart is a nonprofit organization making documentaries about the relationship between humans and nonhuman animals. Today I’m looking closer at Tribe of Hearts three documentaries. My Swedish followers can find a similar post in Swedish here.

The Witness, 2000.

The Witness

In 2015 it is fifteen years ago since Tribe of Heart’s first documentary The Witness was released. In it we get to meet Eddie Lama, he tells us about his life and how he changed the way he thinks of and view nonhumans. Eddie Lama goes from being afraid of nonhuman animals to understand that they are thinking and feeling beings. That leads him to get involved in animal rights issues, especially to the benefit of the fur-bearing animals. The Witness has won several awards at film festivals. It is a very heart touching movie. Watch the trailer below.

The Witness Trailer

Peaceable Kingdom, 2004.

Peaceable Kingdom

In 2004 Tribe of Heart released their second documentary called Peaceable Kingdom. Peaceable Kingdom is more of a gentle movie compared to the very violent, upsetting, and realistic Earthlings which was released the year after by Nation Earth. Still it does contain a substantial amount of clips with violence from animal agriculture. In the end of the movie there is a very interesting part comparing the end of slavery in North America to the modern situation of animal exploitation. To my knowledge Peaceable Kingdom became a popular movie in some animal rights circles especially because of the humble and open approach from the movie makers. To picture the present exploitation of nonhuman animals is important and so is this movie. Peaceable Kingdom was later withdrawn.
Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home, 2009.

Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home

In June 2012 a new documentary called Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home was released on DVD. It was released on DVD after being screened at film festivals since October 2009.
This movie also has a humble and open approach to the way humans treat nonhuman animals. I would say that it is gentler than its predecessor, but it does also contain some scenes that are difficult for the viewers to watch. We get to meet cows, sheep, and pigs in personal portraits, we also meet farmers who changed their ways by leaving the animal industry and starting sanctuaries for farm animals. The DVD contains lots of extra material for example the background of the movie. The movie producer James LaVeck holds a lecture about the beginning of human rights and the activist and author Harriet Beecher Stowe.

The first time I watched Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home I got a bit disappointed mostly because I compared it to Peaceable Kingdom’s harsher insight in the animal agriculture. I thought that if there are more harsh scenes in the movie it will have a greater effect on its viewers. But as I watched it a second time I was deeply moved by the story. So I realized that even though the movie isn’t as difficult to watch as many other animal rights documentaries it will touch its viewers in another way. I think it can influence a lot of people. Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home is interesting and worth seeing. Experience it!

Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home Trailer 


Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home
Production team: Tribe of Heart
Director: Jenny Stein
Producer: James LaVeck
Genre: Documentary
DVD release: June 2012
Length: 78 minutes
Tagline: ”Open your eyes. Trust your heart. Take the journey.”

Movie site: http://www.peaceablekingdomfilm.org/
Tribe of Hearts website: http://www.tribeofheart.org/

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