onsdag 21 januari 2015

See No Evil by Jos de Putter

A new documentary about three chimpanzees has seen the light of day. The documentary is called See No Evil and Dutch Jos de Putter is the movie director.

I find the way humans treat great apes in entertainment unethical and I feel a bit sick to my stomach seeing individuals caged, when they should be free. I wouldn’t be surprised if See No Evil will give a deeper understanding of this issue, but since I have only watched the trailer I can only guess. From what I have seen I’m reminded of Jan van IJken’s Facing Animals – especially getting a deeper understanding of the nonhumans situation and more of their perspective. I think See No Evil will be a very interesting film to watch!

In it we get to follow three chimpanzees Cheeta, Kanzi and Knuckles, they have all been used or exploited by humans in some way or another. It is a shame. They should be free. I am very thankful that the director has noticing their individual fates when making this documentary.

See No Evil Trailer (3:09)

See No Evil Trailer (1:34)

In May 2014 See No Evil opened the 29th Dok.fest in Munich. Find more info about it here and here. Below, a short review in of the documentary in German and an interview in English with the director Jos de Putter.

Review in German and Jos de Putter interview

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