fredag 27 februari 2015

The documentary The Reaper; from the perspective of a slaughterhouse worker

The annual Academy Award ceremony is over and now we’re left with lots of great movies to check out.

The Reaper (original title: La Parka) was one of the nominees for an Academy Award, an Oscar, in the 
short documentary category. It concentrates on a topic that has been approached earlier but not that often. It’s about the life of a butcher from inside the slaughterhouse to his everyday life in his own home. 

My opinion
Rörelse för djurrätt is a blog supporting the idea of animal rights. I haven’t watched The Reaper but it is probably both offensive and difficult to watch especially from an animal rights perspective and when thinking about and caring for animals. You might think the movie doesn’t “make the cut” to be on this blog, but I would like to seize the opportunity to think a little bit about the people working with animal exploitation.
Workers in animal exploitation do terrible things to other beings and they have most probably become emotionally desensitized from their work. What a terrible fate.
Even though we very much dislike what they do, we must not forget that every person we meet – even a butcher – is worth a respectful treatment from us. They are individuals just like you and I and they can change. I believe we increase the chances if we treat others well, even butchers.

I know there are many different perspectives and opinions when it comes to the best approach trying to change peoples’ behavior. Maybe the multitude of perspectives one day can change enough people to change their way of life and finally set the non-human animals free and give them rights. I hope so.

I doubt that I’m going to watch The Reaper after all I really dislike and feel a bit sick to my stomach when I see animals getting hurt or killed.

The Reaper is 29 minutes long. You can watch it via Video On Demand. The trailer is here below.

Have a nice Friday


The Reaper (La Parka) trailer

The Reaper (La Parka) VOD

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