måndag 1 juni 2015

Seven Good News For Animals!

Today it's the first of June and and summer is coming closer for people living in the northern hemisphere. To me the upcoming summer feels great!

And just like the warmer winds of summer, that are coming closer, good changes are happening for animals around the world. Small steps in a wind of change.

Free bird outside cage - Rörelse för djurrätt

Here are seven good news for animals:

  • North Carolina Ag-Gag Bill Defeated by Governor’s Veto
    In the USA a governor stood up and said no to a so called Ag-Gag Bill. This means that whistleblowers that expose animal cruelty will not be prosecuted. Read more about it in the link above.

  • China to end ivory trade
    China is on its way to end trade with ivory! Unfortunately many elephants are being killed by poachers, who want their tusks. China is one of the biggest importers of ivory, so this is a great piece of news for elephants around the world.

  • Uganda’s elephant population on the rise
    Another elephant related note. In 35 years the Uganda elephant population has grown from alarming 700-800 elephants to more than 5 000 individuals according to a recent count.

  • Elephant trekking camp ends rides to become a sanctuary
    A third elephant related good piece of news this time from Thailand! Before people can ride elephants they tie them up and break them down to make them obedient. I've seen footage of this and it was horrible to watch. Never ride an elephant. Anyhow, it makes me glad when elephants end up free or in sanctuaries they deserve to be free.

  • Ontario banning the acquisition and breeding of killer whalesAccording to governmental officials the Canadian province Ontario will not allow acquisition and breeding of killer whales. This is something that Florida based SeaWorld fear will happen in their state. After the documentary Blackfish which is about the SeaWorld killer whale Tilikum, SeaWorld has lost visitors and incomes.

  • Delhi High Court: No more caged birds
    In India the Delhi High Court announces that birds can't be kept in small cages since they have fundamental rights. The judge said: "I am clear in mind that all the birds have fundamental rights to fly in the sky and all human beings have no right to keep them in small cages for the purposes of their business or otherwise".

  • São Paulo ban foie gras and clothing made of animal skin
    In Brazilian city São Paulo the city council approved a bill that: "prohibits the production and marketing of foie gras and garments made with animals' skin within the city of São Paulo".

That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed these news and don't forget to read more about them by clicking on the links. Have a great time wherever you are!

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  1. Unfortunately the ag-gag bill passed in North Carolina's general assembly. Read more here: http://vegnews.com/articles/page.do?pageId=6718&catId=1