fredag 5 juni 2015

White God - Like Planet Of The Apes But With Dogs?

White God is a movie from Hungary, Germany and Sweden. The movie is directed by Kornél Mundruczó. In Hungarian the movie is called Fehér isten and in Swedish it's called Revolten (in English: the revolt).

White God has won a prize on the Cannes Film Festival and is an official selection to the Sundance Film Festival.

White God - Rörelse för djurrätt
Photo from White God. Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

To me the trailer, the prize and the selection above makes this a really interesting movie! From watching the trailer I get the impression that it could be a bit like a Planet of the Apes movie but with dogs instead of humans dressed out to look like nonhuman apes. And I like it, this is really a movie I want to watch!

I've heard that the dogs have been trained with positive reinforcement instead of like punishment. And that is a really good thing. Usually when there are animals in a movie you better prepare yourself to the possibility that they might not have been treated well. Hopefully the dogs in this movie have been treated well all the way. And I hope that animals in movies always are being treated well - otherwise they should not use animals at all.

White God - Official Trailer

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