söndag 27 september 2015

Movie News September 2015

This is a short update about two animal rights related documentaries and a new movie award.

Blood Lions On Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel broadcast the documentary Blood Lions: Bred For The Bullet. Tonight it was broadcast in Sweden. Find more info about Blood Lions in this post.

"Compassion, Justice & Animal Rights"

Hamptons International Film Festival has announced their new movie award category. The category is named Compassion, Justice & Animal Rights. Find more info in this article.

Cowspiracy On Netflix

And as many of you maybe already know Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret can be found on Netflix.

söndag 20 september 2015

Exciting New Book: Circles of Compassion

Another book with animal rights related topics is Circles of Compassion: Connecting Issues of Justice. Just like They All Had Eyes: Confessions of a Vivisectionist this book got funded through a campaign on Indiegogo.

Circles of Compassion is an book with essays written by different authors like Melanie Joy, Marla Rose and Gary Smith. You can find, read selected parts and buy Circles of Compassion on Amazon.com.

Circles of Compassion: Connecting Issues of Justice

Support The Book They All Had Eyes

They All Had Eyes: Confessions of a Vivisectionist is a book you can help fund on Indiegogo for five more days!

The author Michael Slusher tells his story from working inside the vivisection industry.

Find the campaign on Indiegogo here. Get more information there and in the video below.

They All Had Eyes Promo

How To Say "I Love You" To A Cat

Jackson Galaxy is a cat expert. He has among other things published many videos about cat behavior on Youtube. In this post I will share one of those videos with you.

In this video Jackson Galaxy teaches his viewers how to say "I love you" to a cat! And that is a wonderful thing for all of us cat lovers to know how to do.

4 Ways to Tell Your Cat "I Love You!"

Watch more videos from Jackson Galaxy's if you want to know more about cats and their behavior.

söndag 13 september 2015


This is an interesting video about the fish industry and the ocean.

SEASPIRACY: What You Should Know About Fish, The Ocean, and More 

fredag 11 september 2015

A Conspiracy Against Vegan Mayonnaise

The plant-based - or vegan - wind of change seems to be changing more than the old animal producing industries can handle.

Last year the Swedish oat milk company Oatly got sued by parts of the Swedish cow milk industry. Now the USA based vegan mayonnaise company Hampton Creek is subject to a plot by the egg industry in the USA.

Find more sensational information in these articles:

There is literally a US government conspiracy against vegan mayo

Exposed: The Egg Industry's Plot to Eliminate Just Mayo

Watch this video by Erin Janus to get more information about the egg industry:

 What's Wrong With Eggs? The Truth About The Egg Industry 

If you want to make your own vegan mayonnaise check out these recipes:

3 recipes for homemade vegan mayonnaise from the Mother Nature Network

Vegan mayonnaise  from the Simple Vegan Blog

Seven Good News For Animals ...And More!

It's been a while since I posted some good news for animals. Well, now the good news are back!

Chimpanzees - Rörelse för djurrätt

Here are seven good news for animals:

  • Poland Says No to the Dolphin Show!
    The Minister of the Environment in Poland,
    Maciej H Grabowski, announced that there will not be any new dolphinarium in Poland. Dolphins live shorter lives in captivity than in the wild and they are not suited for lives in captivity, Grabowski argues motivating the decision.

Not so good news:


That's all for now! Take care!

måndag 7 september 2015

About A Man And A Dog: Denali

Denali is a short documentary about a dog and his human.

The human is Ben Moon which also is the producer of this short documentary. Denali is the name of the dog. It's a moving documentary. You can watch it here.

There's no easy way to say goodbye to a friend, especially when they've supported you through your darkest times.
Tagline from Denali


The Animal Condition - About Animal Farming In Australia

The Animal Condition is a documentary about four friends on a road trip. They investigate the animal welfare situation in Australia from different perspectives.

They meet activists, politicians, farmers, and other people with views on the issue. The documentary is from 2014. Watch the teaser from the documentary here.

The Animal Condition - Teaser

Virunga's Mountain Gorillas

Virunga is a documentary that was nominated at the Academy Awards in 2015.

It didn't win in the documentary category but still got a lot of attention.

Virunga is a national park in Congo. The parks guards try to stop the poachers that kill mountain gorillas. Find more information on virungamovie.com and in the trailer below.

Virunga - Official Trailer 2014

New Podcast "The Bearded Vegans"

The Bearded Vegans is a new podcast focusing on vegan topics. 

Below their first 3 episodes. You can find them on Itunes, Stitcher, The Commentist.com, Instagram and on Youtube via channel The Commentist.

Cecil the Lion – The Bearded Vegans Episode 01

Living in a Non-Vegan World, Lauren Ornelas Interview – The Bearded Vegans Episode 02

 Unity Movie Review – The Bearded Vegans Episode 03