fredag 11 september 2015

A Conspiracy Against Vegan Mayonnaise

The plant-based - or vegan - wind of change seems to be changing more than the old animal producing industries can handle.

Last year the Swedish oat milk company Oatly got sued by parts of the Swedish cow milk industry. Now the USA based vegan mayonnaise company Hampton Creek is subject to a plot by the egg industry in the USA.

Find more sensational information in these articles:

There is literally a US government conspiracy against vegan mayo

Exposed: The Egg Industry's Plot to Eliminate Just Mayo

Watch this video by Erin Janus to get more information about the egg industry:

 What's Wrong With Eggs? The Truth About The Egg Industry 

If you want to make your own vegan mayonnaise check out these recipes:

3 recipes for homemade vegan mayonnaise from the Mother Nature Network

Vegan mayonnaise  from the Simple Vegan Blog

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