måndag 23 november 2015

Gods In Shackles

Toronto seems to me to be an important city when it comes to the animal rights movement. From an outside perspective it seems to be bubbling with initiatives and ideas. One initiative is the film Gods In Shackles.

Just to name a few of the things I've observed; The idea to the important march to close down all slaughterhouses originates from this Canadian city. And so does the animal rights documentary The Ghosts In Our Machine.

Toronto is also the home of Gods In Shackles. This documentary focus on the exploitation and abuse of elephants in the Indian province Kerala, where festivals are held and elephants are being used as workforce and more.

Find a movie clip below in which the movie director Sangita Iyer speaks about Gods In Shackles. The website godsinshackles.com provide lots of information for the interested! This documentary is still in production and I don't know when it's finished. A campaign for the film was successfully funded on Indiegogo.com in February of 2015.

Temple Elephants in Cultural Festivals

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