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Nine TED Talks With Animals In Focus

Inspired by yesterday’s post, including TEDx talks about veganism and a plant-based lifestyle, I wanted to make a similar post but with a focus on the animals. So today I gathered nine TED talks and TEDx talks that are focusing on animals, like animal rights, animal welfare, and more. Enjoy!

The first five talks are more or less from an animal rights perspective. First we have Anne Flaherty, who tells her story starting out with an interest in mammals, watching the documentary Blackfish and becoming involved in animal rights. Simone Reyes also tells her story of becoming an animal rights activist.
Rubaiya Ahmad talks about the situation for stray dogs in Bangladesh while Bede Carmody tell us how chickens and other birds are being treated in animal agriculture. Lesli Bisgould makes a great plead for us to re-evaluate our relationship with animals.

Animal Rights: A Series of Realizations | Anne Flaherty | TEDxYouth@Wayland

Animal rights -- birth of an activist | Simone Reyes | TEDxOrangeCoast

Why animal-rights is not a luxury: Rubaiya Ahmad at TEDxDhaka

A bird they called dinner | Bede Carmody | TEDxCanberra

It's time to re-evaluate our relationship with animals: Lesli Bisgould at TEDxUofT

Wayne Pacelle, representing The Humane Society of the United States, talks about animal welfare and the lack of welfare in factory farming and also how to improve the situation for the animals. Jill Robinson is working for animals in Asia saving bears from bear bile farms. Listen to her engaging story!

Animal factories and the abuse of power: Wayne Pacelle at TEDxManhattan

TEDxPearlRiver - Jill Robinson - Welfare of Animals

This post is coming to its end with Frans de Waal talking about moral behavior in animals and Philip Wollen talking about his points of view on ethics in a meat-free world. Some of the research Frans de Waal is presenting comes from studies on animals and sometimes it doesn’t seem to be that animal friendly. Philip Wollen makes an encore of his speech from the famous Animals should be off the menu-debate with Peter Singer, among others.

Frans de Waal: Moral behavior in animals

Ethics in a meat-free world - Philip Wollen at TEDxMelbourne

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