fredag 27 november 2015

When in Lund, Vegovision in Gothenburg & Oatly vs the Cow Milk Lobby

Things are happening in the Swedish city I’m living in - Lund; Animal cruelty at a student nation, a manifestation against the fur industry and a traditional vegan Christmas dinner. In Gothenburg a vegan fair will be held next week. Also the court verdict in the case between Oatly and LRF Mjölk has come. 

Cruelty to an eel
The chairperson of the local branch of Animal Rights Sweden (Djurens Rätt) filed a report to the police concerning animal cruelty at one of Lund’s student nations. At Malmö Nation an eel was exposed to cruelty during a dinner party. Find more info (in Swedish) here.

Manifestation against the fur industry
A more positive thing happening tomorrow, this Saturday, is a manifestation against the fur industry on Clemenstorget. Clemenstorget is a small square located close to the train station in Lund. Speakers from different political parties and from the Fur Free Alliance will among others attend. Find its Facebook event here

Christmas dinner
And the third thing related to Lund is a Christmas dinner next week at Govindas vegetarian restaurant. Unfortunatley the tickets are probably all sold out by now. 

Vegovison in Gothenburg
A bit to the north from Lund, in Gothenburg, a vegan fair is held between the 5th and 6th of December. It’s called Vegovision. Find more info here. This time famous persons like Gene Baur from Farm Sanctuary in USA, the swimmer Lars Frölander and Tobias Leenaert founder of the Belgian organization EVA (Ethical Vegetarian Alternative) will lecture. You can also watch the documentary Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret there. 

Oatly vs LRF Mjölk
On a national level the verdict between Oatly - the oat milk company - and the Swedish cow milk industry’s lobby organization - LRF Mjölk - was revealed. LRF Mjölk sued Oatly because of the slogans on Oatly’s packages. Slogans like “Wow no cow”, “No milk. No soy. No badness.” and “It’s like milk but made for humans” was too much for LRF Mjölk to handle, and that’s why the sued Oatly. 
Unfortunately Oatly lost in the court and will have to pay 1.3 million SEK. 

Calves in the milk industry - Rörelse för djurrätt
Calves seperated from their mothers because of the cow milk industry.
Photo: Djurrättsalliansen.

Calves in the milk industry - Rörelse för djurätt
Calves seperated from their mothers.
Photo: Djurrättsalliansen.

A positive thing, because of this case, is that the cow milk industry’s mistreatment and abuse of cows and calves are being exposed and more talked about than before. And I see that as something good.

So long! Take care!

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