måndag 7 december 2015

Plant Based News Film: Veganism Is Rising

Veganism is rising.

Plant Based News is a YouTube channel that's been around for about 3-4 months. At the moment they have more than 6.300 subscribers. The people behind this YouTube channel are making videos with news about veganism, recipes and interviews. Now they have put together a 24 minutes long video called Vegan 2015 - The Film. You can watch it below.

The Plant Based News team have put together a convincing film showing us that veganism is rising and increasing. It is presenting news from 2015 with celebrities that have gone vegan, and vegans and plant based food in the news and talked about. Things have really been happening this year. You'll see if you watch it!

On this blog I've presented good news for animals a handful of times this year, you can find these posts by clicking on Good News For Animals in the menu or here. I'd like to see a film similar to Vegan 2015 - The Film but more with a even bigger focus on victories for animals in the news, of course with a animal rights perspective.

VEGAN 2015 - The Film

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