måndag 28 december 2015

Racing Extinction: Lighting A Candle

I watched the new film Racing Extinction a few days ago. I saw it on the Discovery Channel, which has aired the documentary several times in December.

Racing Extinction - Rörelse för djurätt
Racing Extinction on TV.

Racing Extinction present important facts about the state of the life on our planet. They say we humans are causing the sixth extinction among species on planet earth.

The movie makers behind Racing Extinction are also known for the Academy Award winning documentary The Cove, which put light on the dolphin slaughter outside the coast of Japan. Just like in The Cove the filmmakers are using hidden cameras to expose what's going on, this time it's the illegal trade with many different species that are under threat of extermination.

Most of the scenes where interesting however I must say that I found the scenes from illegal animal markets distressing.

This is a documentary I recommend especially to persons involved in or caring for environmental issues. I find Racing Extinction important and hopeful. I can't disagree with what's being said in the end: It's better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. And that is exactly what the filmmakers are doing, lighting a candle. See it and #startwith1thing!

“Racing Extinction” Trailer

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