tisdag 8 december 2015

The Superior Human?

In March of 2012 the documentary The Superior Human? was released and could be watched for free on the Internet.

But something happened, I don’t know when but the trailer and the whole documentary have been made private on YouTube. So they can not be watched. I don’t know why the filmmakers made this decision, maybe the scenes with elephants painting, something pictured in the film to prove that other species than humans can create art, has something to do with it. I’m thinking this way because it has been revealed that elephant painting is forced by the elephant trainers.

Anyhow, when I’ve watched the film I’ve found it very interesting and educational.

In The Superior Human? eighteen ideas regarding human superiority over other animals are being presented and answered in an entertaining, calm and informative way. Humans aren’t superior, nor inferior, as it is being said in another documentary - Unity - we are “not the same, but equal”.

I recommend persons of all ages to watch The Superior Human?. One can really learn a lot from it.

The film is from Australia and USA, it is 73 minutes long and you can order it from thesuperiorhuman.ultraventus.info. It is written and directed by Samuel McAnallen, and produced by Dr. Jenia Meng. Animal advocates Dr. Richard Ryder, Dr. Bernard Rollin, Gary Yourofsky, and Dr. Steven Best appear.

Find the trailer on this link. You can find a similar post in Swedish here.

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