onsdag 27 januari 2016

Food, Inc.

Another day, another documentary! Today I'm focusing on a film that was released some years ago and that didn't make the cut when I first found it. But things change, and so do I. Today let's talk a little about Food, Inc., shall we?

Food, Inc. from 2008 is not a new discovery for me I noticed it on the Internet several years ago but didn't find it interesting enough. And that is because it's not a documentary that focus on the animals in the sense that the animals are individuals that should have rights. 

So if you only want to watch animal rights movies this one might not suit you. And a small warning: there are a few distressing scenes including one where hens are being killed, when I saw it - well I did look away but I did listen to it - I could really hear their anxiety as they shouted out in protest and for mercy. For me that was not pleasant, and the movie continued without any comments about it. As if it was "natural".

Otherwise it's an interesting documentary. It shows us some of the things that big agriculture companies - like Monsanto - doesn't want us to know. And it is about consumer power, in the movie they say "you have the power" and "you can change the world with every bite". Sure the power we have as consumers is big, however I think more than that is needed. The large agriculture companies should be under national and international laws just a people are under laws. These companies should not be able to do what ever they want.

Finally, watch Food, Inc. if you want to know more about agriculture, consumer power and public health in the USA.

Food, Inc. | Film Trailer | Participant Media

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