torsdag 25 februari 2016

The Herd

Do you like horror movies? If you do you will probably like the short film The Herd?

What if humans we're treated like dairy cows? And what would it look like? The answers are pretty much a very short description of The Herd's plot. The film makers call it the first feminist vegan horror film.

Check out the crowdfunding video to get some of the background story and also comments from The Herd's writer, director/producer (Melanie Light) and some of its actors. The trailer contains some scenes from this short horror film so if you don't like horror I recommend you to skip it.

By the way, the film has been funded and you can watch it in film festivals now and also on Vimeo. You can find their Facebook page here.

Herd Crowdfund

The Herd trailer

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