torsdag 25 februari 2016

Vegan Chronicles From Italy

A friend mentioned the web series Vegan Chronicles to me a few years ago. Since it is in Italian I didn't understand what it was to 100 % when I researched it then. But now I get what they are saying since it has got subtitles.

This is a bit of what the film makers wrote on the crowdfunding page on Indiegogo:

"Vegan Chronicles is a comedy web series about what happens to a normal 25 years old boy who has to face the reality around him after making a simple choice: to stop eating meat, fish, eggs, milk and derivatives or any other animal product.

This is a 10 episodes series, each 5 minutes long. Every episode is untied from the others; the only link of each episode is Claudio, the main character."

Vegan Chronicles - Promo

Find more information on the Facebook page here.

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