tisdag 8 mars 2016

Horses Living Good Lives At The Duchess Sanctuary

Let all horses run in freedom.

Watch a beautiful video with free running horses living at a sanctuary further down in this post.

At Duchess Sanctuary about 200 formerly abused, abandoned, neglected, and homeless horses now live their lives under much better conditions than before. Many of the horses have been rescued from the pregnant mare urine industry, while others were rescued from feed-lots and auctions.

The Duchess Sanctuary is located outside Oakland in Oregon in USA. You can find more info on the official site here and on their facebook page here.

And  listen to Jennifer Kunz who works with the sanctuary, when she speaks about the philosophy of the sanctuary. They want everything living in and above it to be safe! 

Now, do check out the video!

Rescued Horses Lovin' Life at Oregon Sanctuary

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