måndag 20 juni 2016

Documentary "Born To Be Free" Exposes Cruel Whale Industry

The documentary Blackfish was about the treatment of orcas (killer whales) and was a big hit. Now another documentary want to expose similar industries abusing beluga whales (på svenska: vitval) and dolphins.

Born to be Free is the name of this new documentary made by Russian filmmakers Gayane Petrosyan (director & producer), Tatiana Beley and Julia Petrik. Born to be Free is about a cruel industry capturing and mentally breaking down cetaceans like beluga whales and dolphins.

I hope Born to be Free will make a difference so the capturing of animals from the sea will end and dolphin shows and all similar shows will end.
Find more info about Born to be Free on Facebook, Indiegogo and in these articles from The Hollywood Reporter and IndieWire

"Born to be Free" documentary trailer

BornToBeFree Trailer 3’05

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