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Movie News June 2016

It's been a while since I blogged on Rörelse för djurrätt in English but now I'm back with news about Unlocking the Cage, Vegan: Everyday Stories and The End of Meat!

Unlocking the Cage to the people!
So I'm back with news about three documentaries. Let's begin! In Unlocking the Cage we get to follow the Nonhuman Rights Project and its President Steven M. Wise as they go to court attempting to help and give person hood to some great apes.
This documentary has had its premiere in New York on the 25th of May. Find the trailer below and more information here.

Unlocking the Cage - Trailer

Vegan: Everyday Stories released in mid-June
A documentary you probably haven't heard that much about - except for maybe on this blog - is Vegan: Everyday Stories. In which we meet vegans who talk about and show us glimpses of their lives. Some of them are musicians others are athletes. You can soon watch it online (from mid-June). If you like it, why not host your own screening? Find more information here.

Vegan: Everyday Stories (Official Trailer)

The End of Meat in cinemas autumn 2016
From the maker of documentary Live And Let Live, upcoming The End of Meat will according to the official movie website be in cinemas later this year. 

"The estimated cinematic release of the film is autumn 2016, the digital & physical release is set for spring 2017"
Source: http://www.theendofmeat.com/en/faq.html

I want to thank you all for visiting Rörelse för djurrätt. Thank you! 

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