onsdag 22 juni 2016

Swine - The Movie

All information I have seen about Swine - The Movie is found on www.watchswine.today.

On the website I mention above you'll find a 30 second teaser from Swine - The Movie, a teaser I'm including further down in this post.

Viva! is a British animal rights and veganism promoting organization located in Bristol. In the video clip you can see that Viva! is presenting Swine - The Movie. This makes me wonder if Swine really is a real full length movie I'm thinking it could be part of a campaign Viva! is organizing. But if that is the case that would be nice as well. We will find out on the 7th of July 2016 I think the movie will be available online that date.

On the website I found this information about the movie:

"Rumours of a recent mutation in the MRSA super bug infecting the UK pig population has prompted Guard-Media journalist Jack Tomlins to go undercover in a pig farm. His search for the truth leads him to make a shocking discovery. Everything hangs in the balance as Jack tries to tell the world what he has seen."
Source: www.watchswine.today

Swine - The Movie (30 Second Teaser)

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