onsdag 6 juli 2016

Thoughts On Plant Based News Film About Veganism In 2016

The people behind the Youtube channel Plant Based News have made a film about veganism in 2016. They have gathered many important events that has to do with veganism. You can watch it below, it's very interesting!

VEGAN 2016 - The Film [part 1] 

To find their previous film from 2015 click this link!

My thoughts after watching Vegan 2016 - The Film

The film is called Vegan 2016 - The Film [part 1]. Vegan and veganism means to strive to not exploit nonhuman animals. In some ways this comes from the tradition of non-violence.

I remember when I was rather new as a vegan and animal rights advocate and some of the people of the animal rights movement argued that we should call our self "animal rights activists" instead of "vegans". That is because we want to focus on the animals and not entirely on food, cosmetics, fur, skin and so on... even tough veganism is more of a lifestyle than just consumer choices.

For the same reason one can call "meat" "animal meat". Again, that is to put the focus on the animals. And don't forget that meat doesn't need to come from animals. It can come from fruit or nuts and so on.

In a society where animals are being exploited in so many ways it might be easier to say I'm vegan than I'm an animals rights activist, but then the focus will be more on yourself and not the animals. Many vegans care for animals but some go vegan because of the environment, health, justice reasons or another reason.

I like Vegan 2016 - The Film [part 1], but I would like to request a film with more focus on victories for the animals, since not everybody goes vegan for the animals. 
I'm not requesting harsh scenes from slaughterhouses or other violent scenes as they can be counter productive as from my experience people don't want to watch scenes like that.

But my request might be for someone else - than Plant Based News - to fulfil.

That is all for now!

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