måndag 12 september 2016

IARC2016: Why The Future Will Be Vegan

The International Animal Rights Conference was from 8th to 11th of September. So actually it ended yesterday!

It was held in Luxembourg with lots of lectures and animal rights activists there. One of the lectures was with Tobias Leenaert who talked about Why the future will be vegan. You can find other lectures from the conference on YouTube at the VeganKanal.

Tobias Leenaert - Why the future will be vegan (IARC2016)

During this lecture Tobias Leenaert mentions some organizations that can be helpful to know about.

Faunalytics, Animal Charity Evaluators, Effective Altruism, and CEVA (Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy). Click on the links to get to their websites.

Tobias Leenart also has a blog that's called The Vegan Strategist. Do check it out!

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