fredag 30 december 2016

"Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home" Now Online!

One of the best animal rights documentaries is called Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home. Now you can watch it online for free!

Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home is a multi award-winning movie. We meet humans that have worked inside animal industries but now they take care of nonhuman animals that have been saved! Through sincere talks we listen to the farmers' about their life choices. We also get to meet the animals they care for and the heart moving stories of how they were saved. The movie encourages in a humble way its viewers to move from audience to think in new ways, and maybe you as a viewer will start your own journey...

You can find the full documentary on Tribe of Heart's website. Tribe of Heart is the nonprofit organization that made the film.
Find a longer post about Tribe of Heart's films here and one in Swedish here! You can also find many documentaries (info and trailers) by clicking Animal Rights Movies in the menu!

Have a good evening!

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