tisdag 15 augusti 2017

Civil Disobedience Against Slaughterhouse In Sweden

Yesterday the animal rights group Tomma burar (in English: Empty cages) organized an event against a slaughterhouse in Linköping, Sweden.

A group of more than thirty animal rights activists sat down outside the slaughterhouse gates, where trucks with animals headed for slaughter drive through.

The activists acted on the basis of (non-violent) civil disobedience. They stopped trucks from delivering animals to the slaughterhouse for a couple of hours. After that police came and eventually removed the still sitting down activists.

This was the first sit-down of this kind outside a slaughterhouse in Sweden for about ten years.

Tomma burars website (see English in the menu).
Tomma burars Facebook page

Tomma burar aktivister utanför slakteri Linköping - Rörelse för djurrätt
Tomma burar's activists with signs standing outside
slaughterhouse in Linköping.
Photo: Tomma burar.

Tomma burar aktivister utanför slakteri Linköping - Rörelse för djurrätt
Activists sitting down outside the slaughterhouse in
Linköping. A police is talking to them.
Photo: Tomma burar.
A related article from The Independent: "Never mind CCTV in slaugherhouses, we need to end the meat and dairy industry altogether"

Update Sunday August 20th 2017:

Tomma burar (or Empty cages in English) published a video about the action in English a few hours ago. Watch it below.

Slaughterhouse blockade in Sweden - August 2017

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