onsdag 13 september 2017

A Life Connected: Vegan

"They love us and we love them."
Quote from A Life Connected: Vegan
One person can have a positive effect in the world. And together a large number of persons can have an even greater positive effect in the world. For the benefit of everyone!

Below you will find two videos. Both are in English but one of them is with Swedish subtitles for all swedes visiting Rörelse för djurrätt. On the filmmakers website you will find the video in about 15 different languages.

I'm not sure that all the numbers that are mentioned in the videos are 100 % correct. But I think the essence of the message will come through, that there are many benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

A Life Connected: Vegan

Ett Medvetet Liv (Vegan Video-A Life Connected Swedish Version)

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