torsdag 18 januari 2018

Norway aim to ban fur farming!

A joyful message reached me a few days ago! The new government in Norway aim to ban fur farming by years 2024/2025!

This hopeful piece of news is very much something to pass on to your friends that love animals!

Norway's government pledge to ban fur farming - Rörelse för djurrätt
Picture from Norwegian animal rights organization NOAH's facebook page.
It says: "Yeees! 28 years of struggle is over. We did it!"

"Norway is now set to become the 14th European country to ban all fur farming - a sign that fur is out of fashion even in a nation that was once the world's top producer of fox pelts."
"It will spare animals who would otherwise spend their lives in cramped barren cages and suffer agonising deaths by gassing or electrocution, the Humane Society International, which campaigns against the fur trade, said.
The ban must now be voted on in Parliament, but the majority of the country's political parties are expected to support it."

I hope that this ban will come true in Norway, and that Sweden and the rest of the countries - that have fur farms - will end this practice. Because ending fur farming is good news for the animals and for everybody!

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