tisdag 6 februari 2018

The Meat Lobby: Big Business Against Health?

The Meat Lobby: Big Business Against Health? is a French documentary that first was released in France in 2016. 

It has been seen on Swedish television (Swedish title: Köttlobbyn)  and if you live in Sweden you can still watch it on SVT Play (the Swedish public service streaming site) for a few days longer. 

If you live outside Sweden you can rent or buy it via Vimeo.

Quote from Vimeos site:

"Why is ham pink? Why do we believe that it is good for our children? Why are product labels beyond understanding? From Brittany to Denmark, through California and Wisconsin, director Sandrine Rigaud conducts a year-long investigation, trying to understand how these industrial giants are capable of stalling and directing policy decisions that directly affect public health.
This investigative documentary reveals the measures the industry is taking to prevent this from happening. This conflict is taking place across the world, and no tactics seem too extreme. The industry targets politicians and researchers alike, going so far as to bribe scientists in an effort to protect their interests.When money is not a good enough incentive, they adopt a more brutal approach.
Manipulated and discredited, many researchers have been made victims of this industry. Their crime: conducting studies that underline the health risks of a particular product for the consumer.
This film reveals the truths behind the unspoken ingredients that these food giants are determined to keep using."

Imdb site here.

The Meat Lobby: Big business against health? Trailer

I've seen The Meat Lobby and I found it to be a very interesting and upsetting documentary. To me it was upsetting because of the attempts from the meat lobby/the meat industry to undermine research about health effects of animal meat based products.

Maybe it is not that strange because the meat industry has a lot of power, but I do find it upsetting and real threat to democracy.

What else do people from the meat industry do to silence criticism and avert problems headed their way? I mean they do kill animals to make money, and let people eat the meat products that are harmful for peoples health. I think that these aspects should be considered when answering questions like the one I just asked.

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