tisdag 6 februari 2018

The Milk System Documentary!

This documentary is called Det vita guldet in Swedish, Das System Milch in German and The Milk System in English. This German and Italian movie is from 2017. It is directed by Andreas Pichler and there are actually two versions of it! One 91 minutes long and one 52 minutes. 

It has recently been seen in Swedish television.*(se längre ner)

Imdb page here.

Info below from the Magnetfilm Youtube channel.
"There's one thing milk stands for - health. It's seen as natural and nutrient-rich. Which is exactly what makes it so attractive for the market. But is it really that healthy? We set out to take a critical look at the milk system. Along the way we'll meet farmers, dairy owners, politicans, lobbyistes, NGOs, scientiest. 
Each has their own views on the value and consequences of an industry with world-wide impact. Whether in Europe, Asia or Africa, milk is the allegorical model of streamlined-for-growth global food production and its consequences. The film uncovers surprising truths behind the system. Who profits at whose cost? Does the system have a future and are there alternatives? A journey across continents that deals with preconceptions and brings solutions to light."

The Milk System (Official Trailer) English HD 1080

For Swedes: Du hittar till SVT Play och  Det vita guldet på denna länk. Där kan filmen ses till och med den 5:e april i år.

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