lördag 9 juni 2018

'Sharkwater: Extinction' to be released during fall 2018

Even after last years tragic passing of Rob Stewart the documentary Sharkwater: Extinction is planned on being released during fall this year! 

Rob Stewart is the director of the documentaries Sharkwater from 2006 and Revolution from 2012. Rob Stewart had a burning passion for the sharks and our oceans. To me he is a true inspiration in his care for animals and the environment.

Now, I was unsure of if Sharkwater: Extinction would be released at all after Rob's passing but a month ago I received a newsletter from the movie crew that said that the documentary will be released. 

I know, a month ago! How come I haven't posted anything about it? Well well, better late than not at all... haha

The movie is set to hit theaters October 2018. In the newsletter there's also a link to a movie teaser:

Sharkwater: Extinction – Video Teaser

Let's hope the upcoming movie will have a good impact on us humans and our behaviour towards the environment and all living in it.

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